Wonderful Rustic Wood Display Racks, Stands, and Unique Gifts


Custom Designs

Help Us Design a Display that Brings Back an Old Memory, Create a New One or Give Appreciation for Someones Special Services, Retirement and Leave a Wonderful Memory.... Contact Us

Creative Musical Displays

Check out our creative Musical Displays. We Are Just getting Started With This Collecion. Put Your Special Request In.

  • Sword Displays

    One Of A Kind, Solid Built, Sword Displays. 100% Made In The USA!

  • Gun Racks

    Display Your Vintage/Collectable Rifle In Style. Built Solidly, With Care To Last A Lifetime!

  • Rustic Coat Racks

    Choose The Perfect Rack To Hang Your Hat And Coat. Wonderful In The Entry Way, Mudroom, Hall Way, Or Even Your Bedroom. Check Out Our Many Styles.

  • Man Cave

    Looking For A Unique Addition For Your Man Cave? You've Found The Right Place. Shop Our One Of A Kind Items. Handmade In Michigan!

  • Rustic Quilt Racks

    Searching For A Beautiful Display For Grandma's Quilt? We Have What You're Looking For Or We Can Make One Custom For you.

  • Lake House Decor

    Special Pieces Designed For Your Cabin Or Lake House. We Also Do Custom As Well.

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Walker Wood Gifts

Meaningful, Magical Gifts That You Will Be Proud To Own or Gift. Guaranteed To Bring Smiles.

Creative Wood Artistry. Included In All Of Our Unique Products.

Professionaly Handcrafted In the USA. Made To Last Generations.

Free Shipping!

We take pride in our shipping. Each box is custom made from double corrugated cardboard to fit the product. Each item is bubble and or foam wrapped then shrink wrapped. All boxes are marked with bright red and white tape “Fragile” This usually guarantees a safe arrival.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Check Out Our Reviews.

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