Welcome to Walker Wood Gifts.  A Place Where Ideas Become Reality.  A Place Where the Past Becomes Forthcoming . A Unique Gift Can Do All Of That. Bring Out An Old Memory and Display It Into The Future.

I started wood crafting in 1983 as a hobby and for part time money. I was making custom shelves, wood window valances and doing craft shows.About seven years ago I started Walker Wood Gifts as a full time business, with much help and support from my family.I love to turn wood into useful art decor. Its nice to see your collectible keepsakes displayed for everyone to see. From quilts, hats, and clocks to guns, swords and fish poles. Great conversational pieces and memories. Wall decor with a purpose and a place to hang your hat.But most of all, I like to share a part of my craft with you. Something that you are proud to give or proud to show. I Now have decor in all states hanging in special places and made for special people.Even seeing a favorite here and there keeps me inspired.  Kim Walker

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