Welcome to Walker Wood Gifts.            A Place Where Ideas Become Reality.  A Place Where the Past Becomes Forthcoming . A Special Gift Can Do All Of That. Bring Out An Old Memory and Display It Into The Future.

I started wood crafting in 1983 as a hobby and part time money. I was making custom shelves, doing craft shows and consignment shops. About seven years ago I started Walker Wood Gifts and do it full time, with much help and support from my family.
I love to turn wood into useful art such as wall displays. Like treasured and collectible keepsakes from quilts and fish poles to swords and guns. Use it to display a special memory or display a proud moment of time. Wall décor with a purpose. Even a place to hang your coat and hat.
But most of all, I like working with you on those special gifts. The ones your serious about giving and give it special thought.
I Now have wall decor in all states hanging in special places and made for special people like you. Even seeing a favorite here and there keeps me inspired.
Thank you,
Kim Walker
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